5 Mistakes TO Avoid In Web Designing To Create Masterpieces

How does someone produce a masterpiece?

Surely by not just creating a mesmerizing piece of art, but also making sure that it isn’t flawed in any way.

Web designing is the modern art; the art of information age.

Websites provide the view that an individual will experience by a single look from the outside. People see a company website and determine if they want to go further. 48% people stated that the design of a website is the biggest factor in determining the credibility of the business.

The website design is detrimental in presenting that information in a spectacular form by giving it ambiance, charm, personality, and authority.

Presenting the necessary information in a neat little package, without any flaw is the goal of a web designer. And that is what they strive for.

By avoiding the following 5 mistakes, web designers create a site which is beautiful & flawless; a masterpiece!


‘Messy’ is a characteristic that is almost universally looked down upon, a website is no exception.

The design of a website needs to be eye-pleasing, clean and fresh. A lot of web designs err in this aspect and put too many ads prompts flash animations; unnecessarily bright & contrasting colors etc.

Instead of adding aesthetic value to the web design, these things work as distractions. They disrupt the flow of the design and people get turned off by it. According to Adobe, if the design layout of the site is unattractive, 38% of people will stop engaging with it.

This excess clutter of web design elements prevents your design from hitting that sweet spot of functionality and charm. It overwhelms the viewer’s senses.

Sadly, many of today’s web designs make this mistake.

A cluttered web design is an eyesore and drives viewers away from it. It prevents your web design from being a masterpiece.

The key is to keep it simple, clean and elegant.


Masterpieces can’t be appreciated if they aren’t observed.

A study found that 40% of people veer off to other places if the website takes 3 or more seconds to load.

This is a byproduct of the web design gone lazy. If the design of the website isn’t fast and light, individuals will opt to go to a site that does the same things, but quicker.

Websites today have a lot of content, and contents take up a lot of sizes. But designers and developers try to make it as light as possible.

One of the main reasons for heavy web design is non-optimized images and excess of plugins.

It may sound simple, but images that aren’t optimized or are used with wrong dimensions will drag your site & design down.

For example, JPG files are much faster than PNG format, but still, retain the quality of its counterpart. Compressing images using sites like tinypng.com are effective in making your site faster.

Remove any unnecessary plugins and make sure to get a high-performance web host to produce lighting fast loading time.


Giving personality to a web design is one of the most daunting tasks for any designers.

Sure you can create a beautiful and eye-pleasing website, but adding a personality gives it an extra ‘oomph’. It also sets the design apart from the rest.

It is one of the most prevalent barriers in keeping your design from being a masterpiece.

In many cases, a trace of any interesting personality is replaced with bland corporate feel. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it works, but it just makes the website ‘just another one’.

Humor is a nice touch to have. Personality is created vastly from the ‘About Us/Me’ page.

This gives an insight into what you or your business represent. For example, showing how you work, what your goal is and how you like to operate.

Giving personality the design of the website is a very powerful tool and helps connect with the potential clients.


One of the recent features that have been imperative in creating a design masterpiece is Typography.

At a first glance, getting Typography right seems like a ball in the park. However, looks can be deceiving.

The style, appearance, and arrangement of text can add a lot of aesthetical value to the web design. It is subtle, yet quite powerful in its effect. It is also very easy to get wrong.

In recent time, Comic Sans font has garnered a surprisingly bad reputation. That is why finding the perfect font for your content is a finicky task. Getting the font wrong can generate a backlash.

Using complimentary fonts if multiple typefaces are used, correct font size, the contrast of font are just some of the basic aspects that need to be focused.

The perfect Typography injects life into the design and helps to get it to that coveted masterpiece insignia.


CTA’s are essential to the sales funnel. They are gateways that lead potential customers from one stage to the next and leads to conversion.

Call To Actions need to be simple, actionable and easy to spot. They need to be alluring enough to transform visitors into potential customers.

Where most designers fault is that they either don’t interject a CTA in their design or just have hidden CTA button. A CTA that is out of view is more or less useless.

Another problem might be, which is on the opposite spectrum is too many CTA’s. This is equally a blemish on the website design.

A web design is as much as for aesthetical need as it is a business need. A master web designer not only gives great beauty to the design but also adds features that will benefit the business in a long run.


The title of a masterpiece is given to those designs that just eye-pleasing, but also that are functional, effective and fundamentally amazing

In order to create a flawless and responsive web design, one must also be aware of the things to avoid. Only then can a true craftsman create a masterpiece.

The 5 things discussed here are easy to dismiss and easy to forget. But these details have a significant impact on the design of your website.